DQ® Ice Cream Cake Ingredients

Based on recommended product preparation procedures and information received from our approved suppliers, the DQ frozen cake ingredients are as stated below. Please, click on the image below to see pictures and details.


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Do Dairy Queen cakes have Eggs?

The short answer is that undecorated cakes which are not Extreme Blizzard Cakes have no eggs but check your local store for confirmation. Click on the image below for detailed nutrition facts.

Certain Dairy Queen stores use a soft serve mix that varies from the mix used in the rest of the country and on which the following information is based. Please check all of this information regarding cakes with your local store.

If you are planning to treat yourself with a delicious cake and enjoy some valuable time with your family and friends, it is a good idea to choose one of the famous Dairy Queen cakes.

Dairy Queen Cake Nutrition Chart

Based on a slice of 1/8 of an undecorated DQ 8″ Round Cake

Serving size184
Calories from Fat110
Total Fat (g)13
Saturated Fat (g)8
Trans Fat (g)1
Cholesterol (mg)25
Sodium (mg)280
Total Carbohydrate (g)56
Dietary Fiber (g)<1
Sugars (g)42
Protein (g)7
Percent Daily Value Vitamin A10
Percent Daily Value Vitamin C0
Percent Daily Value Calcium20
Percent Daily Value Iron8
Suggested Exchange4 Carb, 21/2 Fat