Dairy Queen Cake Designs & DQ Cakes Orders

A Dairy Queen cake is an irresistible fudge and crunch center surrounded by vanilla and chocolate soft serve, and decorated with your favorite design. Whatever the occasion – be it a birthday, Christmas, retirement, anniversary, or a warm welcome back home – the variety of choices offered by Dairy Queen® ensures there’s a cake to suit every celebration. Each cake is crafted with love and precision, embodying the spirit of joy and festivity that accompanies these special moments. From the timeless classics to seasonal specials, the extensive selection allows you to find the perfect flavor and design to complement your celebration and tantalize your taste buds. Savor the sweetness of life’s milestones with the delightful choices of a Dairy Queen® Cake.

DQ Cake Designs

DQ Cake Orders

Ordering a beautiful ice cream cake from a Dairy Queen Cake Store couldn’t be easier! There are several ways you can do it:

1. Online Cake Orders

You can now order your cake online through the main DQ Cakes website.

Browse the Cake Galleries

You can browse the Cake Categories looking for the one that would fit the reason for your cake and once you navigate through the available options, choose the cake you want by clicking on the Order button.

You can also use the Search box to type a keyword that relates to the Cake and navigate through the results.

With hundreds of cakes photos organized by categories and easily searchable, you’ll have the choice to pick up the perfect cake for your occasion!

If you are looking for a cake with a specific design please check these links:
Themed Cake Designs Gallery: Lego, Charlie Brown, Elmo, Barbie, Trolls, Aliens, UFO, Little Pony, Power Rangers, etc
Cool Cake Designs Gallery: Heart cakes, love, Baby Shower, 40/50/60 Anniversary/Birthday, etc
Graduation Cakes Gallery: End of grade, graduation, etc

Building your perfect cake!

You have the choice to customize your own cake by specifying:

Cake Flavour

Cake size & Shape

Cake Design

2- Visiting a Dairy Queen store

You can visit the store and ask for a cake order with the staff.
You will have the choice to choose a gel image design for your cake from our catalogue book and will be asked to provide your preferences for the cake.

Free coupons might be provided with your cake when you collect it.

This option is recommended if you want to order in advance and have the time to pay a visit and also enjoy the delicious treats.

You can choose from the store display freezers

3- Calling the store

You can call and tell about your cake order.

The store staff will be happy to take your order by phone. You will specify your cake preferences and will be told about the design choices available.

This option is recommended for same day orders or to check availability of a specific cake on display that you’re willing to buy.

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